« Ebola, Ebola? »: You’d better call your « Mammon »!…

What a big bullshit!!!

Ebola is nothing but a big worlwide brainwash to prepare us to buy soon some vaccines and medecines… Nothing else!

Like H1N1, other flues, artificial epidemies and panics spread by labs and organized by governements to sell their shit and make huge profits out of our naïvety…


FACTS: Ebola killed just a few thousands of people over 7+ billions or earthlians.

Whereas malaria kills EVERY YEAR HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of people on this planet!!!

Have you recently seen any broadcast or documentary on mainstream TVs about malaria?…
No: never, nothing!

Have you seen any TV news about Ebola?…

So who’s bullshitting who?…

Such disinformation is part of a sheduled program of massive brainwashing to keep people like you and me into a permanent feeling of fear and anguish.

This is why mainstream TV networks are only broacasting news about wars, catastrophies, epidemies and threats of all kinds.

Apart from such dramatic news, what do we have to entertain us? Stupid series and reality shows? Stupid adds to consume? Stupid movies? mostly about war, violence or everyday struggle? And numerous documentaries about World War II, Staline & Hitler, etc, etc…

This is called « mass manipulation ».
A concept invented by sociologists in the early 20th century and a strategy applied to populations a few years after by dictators like Hitler and Staline.

Jesus has always warned us about the tricks and traps of « the powers of domination ».
And they have always been at work since the world has existed.

Jesus used to call « Mammon » the « demon » of Wealth, Posession and Money.

And actually, call it how you like but « Mammon » is still ruling the world.

So trust your own intelligence, get inspired by a spirit of awareness and wisdom, think by yourself…

And switch off TV.

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