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Why a moose?

Great moose is the totemic animal for the name Christophe.

The moose is a joyful, passionate and heavy ruminant living in the Northern Plains.

With its two horns opened like hands holding the Sun star, it symbolizes endurance, fraternity, friendship, joy, courage and self-respect.

Why Christo 4 Us?

This name refers to Saint Christopher’s legend.

Before becoming a Christian, Christopher’s name was Offerus.
He was kind of a giant.

He wanted to serve the most powerful man.
So he successively served princes, kings, emperors, and even Satan himself.

Then he hit the road looking for Christ.
A hermit told him he should serve God by helping travelers cross a furious torrent, carrying them on his strong shoulders.

One night a young child called him 3 times and asked him to cross the river.
But the child was so heavy that Offerus nearly drowned.He uprooted a tree but the child was getting heavier and heaver:
– “Why are you so heavy? I feel like I am carrying the world”, he said.
– “Not only the world but the one who made it”, the child answered.
I am Christ, your God and master, the one you must serve.”

Once baptized Christophoros (Christ-bearer in Greek), Christopher journeyed on Earth teaching the word of Christ.


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