Without music, life would be a mistake




Since I was born (and maybe before) I’ve always been plunged into music.

Bach was my first musical shock. I was 1 year old when my grandma took me to a church organ concert in Paris. I was fascinated by the beauty of this sound. The next Christmas Toccata & Fugue in D minor was turning on and on on the new pickup.

When I was a kid the radio was always switched on in the kitchen, and vinyls were often playing again and again on turntables. We used to share a lot of music with my relatives and friends: The Beatles, singers, pop, rock, soul, Motown, Latin, classical…

Home partying and clubbing during vacations was also a social ritual.

From an early age I learnt the essential of classical music: my mum taught me classics, and Mozart was my favorite.

I was classically trained in my high school. I learnt to play church organ, piano, guitar, flute and percussions.

In my teenager years I used to play for hours on a Yamaha BK4 electric keyboard. The amazing possibilities of unaffordable analogue synthesizers were fascinating me.

Hard rock and disco, later the 80s funk and new wave, became the two lungs of frenzied parties we used to organize with friends.

I started DJing in private parties. And making my own jingles, sound collages, montages, and mix-tapes at home.

In 1982 several students of my business school created Spice FM, the first student free radio in Paris. I was animating a daily funk program… and missing many courses in management… Passion before.

In 1988 amazing sounds from Chicago, New York, Detroit, London and Brussels hit underground clubs and parties in Paris. House, acid, new beat then techno were starting to spread worldwide, awakening papa clubbing for VIPs, and announcing 21st century.

My world shifted. And my life was changed forever.

I joined a tribe of early fans of new born electronic music in a small record store close to Bastille. Which became the meeting point of young DJs, musicians, partiers and avant-garde journalists.

Some of them became pioneers of the French house & techno scene: Laurent Garnier, Manu Casana, Jérôme Pacman, Olivier le Castor, Guillaume la Tortue…

I began to create some tracks with analogue synthesizers and a tape recorder.

In the 90s I also explored the therapeutic and transpersonal side of music, used by Western psychotherapists from the West Coast and ancient shamanic cultures.

My artist name Which Doctor refers to this shamanic side of music.

In 2003 I started producing of more professional tracks with analogue/digital synths. In 2005 I created my music label Initial dB.

I occasionally worked with some hip hop, Cuban, Latin artists and stage directors.

My creations are influenced by an eclectic passion for many genres, a constant curiosity for innovative soundtracks, an insatiable taste for good melodies, harmonies, crossovers, fusion, and exploration.

Sacred and classical music, opera, cool jazz, gospel and most of Black music, added with pop rock and great singers are the basic.

I owe a lot to my musical masters, especially my late friend Frankie Knuckles and most godfathers of Chicago and NYC house.

Let’s cite some great Black musicians and voices: Ella & Luis, Nina Simone, Otis Redding, Aretha Franklin, Tina Turner, Quincy Jones, Herbie Hancock, Barry White, Nile Rodgers, Prince, Michael Jackson, George Clinton…

Innovators of electronic and dance music: Pink Floyd, Kraftwerk, Giorgio, Depeche Mode, Ryuichi Sakamoto…

House & techno pioneers from the US and UK: Marshall Jefferson, Kerri Chandler, Larry Heard, Todd Terry, Curtis Jones, Gerald, Maurice, Armando, Pierre, The Belleville Three

And some of their early or more recent followers: St Germain, Todd Edwards, Disclosure, Detroit Swindle,

Latin, Oriental and world music artists: Bob Marley, João Gilberto, Amr Diab, Elissa, Merçan Dede, Nusrat Fateh, Punjabi MC, Balkan Beat Box

Monuments or Pop rock: The Beatles, Jimmy Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, U2, Simple Minds, The Cure, Lenny Kravitz

Talented French song writers and composers like Gainsbourg, Polnareff, Véronique Sanson, William Sheller, Etienne Daho.

OST composers like Philip Glass, Goran Bregovic, Ennio Morricone, Hans Zimmer

I have a respectful ear for real artists, not “products”. Gifted and generous ones that can come out with quality, esthetics, smartness and a solid musical culture.

I made mostly deep house and electropop tracks. Sometimes with Latin, Oriental or Indian influences. Also some lounge, new age and OST.

Today I am focusing more on innovative textures and using music as a vehicle to explore meditative and altered states of consciousness to cure and elevate body, mind and soul.