Why war in Syria is only starting


Present war in Syria started with military conflicts between Syrian armed groups opposed to Bachar El Assad, his dictatorial regime and crimes against the Syrian population. It started during the so-called “Arab Springs” in 2011: a rhetoric gimmick promoted by US and European leaders and Western media for Western opinions. As a matter of fact, “Arab Spring” were part of a strategical program implemented by the CIA to destabilize and overthrow dictatorial or military secular regimes in North Africa (Tunisia, Egypt, Libya) and some countries of in the Middle East Gulf like Yemen. And Syria, which has been a permanent threat for Israel and a constant support of Hezbollah in Lebanon. This strategy aimed to overthrow dictators like Ben Ali or Mubarak and install Islamic leaders supposedly more “moldable” and pretentiously elected by “democratic” votes.
Pourra-t-on-juger-un-jour-Bachar-Al-Assad_article_popin“Spring” in Syria did not happen. The tough dictator is still in power today. But the opposing groups grew up. 90% of them are Sunnite radical Islamists opposed to Bachar clan (Alawi thus member of a minority party in Syria), and more or less linked to Al Qaeda. They have been financed by Saudis, Erdogan but also the CIA, which also discretely sent some military experts to train some leaders of these Islamic groups.
War in Syria became more dramatic with the rise of ISIS, a so-called “caliphate” ruled by an obscure leader and which wide territory rapidly spread in North East of Syria and West of Iraq.
ISIS-propagandaISIS was created by a bunch of ancient generals and officers of Saddam Hussein that had remained unemployed after the fall of Saddam’s regime in 2003.
ISIS expansion and organization was financed and supported by the Saudis, Erdogan and the CIA.
ISIS army managers were trained by American experts.
Same scenario more or less happened as during the “creation” of Usama Ben Laden, a member Ben Laden family, a very rich Saudi clan which is a joint shareholder of Carlyle Group, the oil company of the Bush family in Texas. Bush and Ben Laden family are very close friends and share many common economical and financial interests in the USA and Saudi Arabia. Usama was trained by the CIA to fight the USSR army during the War in Afghanistan in 1989.
The official version about Sept. 11 attacks claimed Usama Ben Laden was the instigator of these attacks and the leader of “Al Qaeda”, an organization based in Afghanistan, supported by the Taliban regime… but considered as a “myth” by some important leaders of European intelligence services. Sept. 11 official report made by Bush administration a few years after the attacks has always been and still is contested by a large part of the population (not even talking about “conspiracy theorists”).
No uncontestable evidence has ever been given about the official version of Sept 11 attacks. Nor about Usama’s execution by an American commando in May 2011 in Abbotabad, Pakistan.
« Al Baghdadi”, the so-called “caliph” of ISIS, has studied in an American university and is likely to be nothing but a puppet. ISIS religious and radical rhetoric is more or less nothing but a « dressing », though some leaders and members of this medieval and radical sect might probably (partly) believe in their “Divine” and apocalyptical mission.
n_88006_1In 2015, about 1 million people have fled war in Syria to escape to Europe. Europe was overwhelmed by this sudden mass influx of refugees it could not absorb. This immigration revealed the failure of Schengen and the incapacity of Europe to face big immigration influx. Nationalisms and racism raised up in countries like Germany which had welcomed the biggest amount of refugees; or Eastern European countries which refuggees were crossing to join Germany. Huge problems of integration, but also human and ethical issues appeared.
And the crisis is only starting…
Why did it happen so suddenly?
Very few analysts are saying it but the Islamic dictator Tayyip Erdogan is personally responsible for this refugees’ crisis in Europe.
In 2015 he suddenly decided to open doors of immigration from Turkey to Europe for millions of emigrants, making money with traffickers who are offering hope to these desperate people.
Before 2015 Erdogan had on the contrary contained the immigration pressure and had always been keeping refugees inside Turkey out of Turkish borders. He was then asking to his Western partners substancial financial support to cope with the immigrants Turkey was welcoming on its soil and who wanted to join Europe.
Releasing the pressure and letting one million people leave on the roads to Europe in 2015 was a means for him to put a strong pressure on the EU countries and force them to support his policy. Especially during his (fake) election as a president in 2015.
And also about his policy concerning the Kurd minority.
So the refugees’ crisis is linked to a cynical balckmail from Erdogan for political, strategical, economical and financial reasons.
The victims of this blackmail are of course these people who are trying to survive and escaping from a country totally destroyed by war, and hope for a better life anywhere in Europe.

Everyone should also not ignore that Saudi Arabia and all countries of the Arabic Gulf have always refused to welcome ONE SINGLE Syrian refugee! And of course no pressure has been put on them by their Western friends.


War in Syria could be finished and ISIS destroyed in just 2 months if there was a real will do it.
The truth is that everyone defends its own interests in the region.

And the key words are “OIL” and “MONEY”.

Saudis are pretentiously leading the present “Islamic coalition” to fight ISIS on the ground. After having financed and backed the organization…
The truth is that Saudi want to keep control and leadership on oil produced in the Middle East. In a time when Americans have become the first world oil producer with the exploitation of shale gas fields in Alaska; a technique which has become “bankable” after War in Iraq made by Bush administration in 2003 and planned decades before by neocon strategists…
Iranians want to expand their influence and compete with Saudis for the leadership in the region. They also want to promote their own oil as second oil producer in the region, and thus control Syrian fields.
Americans just don’t care anymore about “terrorism” in Syria, though they have been for a long time instrumentalizing terrorism in the ME (if not creating and manipulating it).
Erdogan wants to keep on buying oil from ISIS, though he officially fights this organization which has officially made some terrible attacks on the Turkish ground last year.
But most important, Erdogan wants to have free hands to fight Kurds, which are fighting ISIS army on the ground close to the Southern border of Turkey.
Another important element to take into account: Turkish frontier still remains the main passing way for young Muslims from Europe candidating for Jihad… With this situation Erdogan has a big asset to put pressure on his Western partners. All the more Turkey is a member of NATO and a strategic partner of the EU.
European countries, esp. France, Belgium and Germany are now facing a real terrorist threat from ISIS on their soil. But terrorism added with state of emergency declared by Hollande after the attacks in Paris last Nov. 13 is also a way to control and manipulate public opinion, especially in a time of forthcoming presidential election campaign.
The truth is also that military actions France has been taken since 2015 have no real significiant long-term effect in this so-called “war”. It destroys ISIS positions but does not end the war.
But such military actions are important to promote the idea in the French opinion that the government is actually making a tough war against ISIS, is fighting terrorism and taking all necessary means to secure the French population against the terrorist threat.
But most important, they are a very good “live showroom” to promote French technology and boost the turnover of French weapon manufacturers such as Dassault. 2015 was actually a record year for French weapon exportations, particularly with France’s “good friends” and clients in the Middle East like Saudi Arabia and Qatar: big promoters and financers of terrorism in the region, medieval and totalitarian dictatorships which totally ignore human rights… but who cares?…
The “Fatherland of Human Rights” totally forgets its own values when it comes to make business and money. And François Hollande is a true liberal and a pure product of HEC (the most prestigious French private business school) and ENA…
Bachar El Assad wants to remains at power and relies on his Russian friends.
Russians want to have a greater military, political and strategical influence and strengthen their positions in the region. Since they are the main military force engaged in Syria and scoring points every day, then might succeed.
So War in Syria might last for a long time. Unless Russians put an end to this tragic sketch by erasing all opponents including ISIS and securing a tougher Assad dictatorship in Syria, conform to the Russian model.
War in Syria is just a beginning. Libya, where ISIS is already strongly implanted, some other African countries like Nigeria and Mali: Boko Haram, another Islamist and Jihadist group has been expanding since 2009 in Nigeria, Chad and even Cameroon, and created a similar Islamic “state” as ISIS.
Islamist militant groups in Africa (2011)

Islamist militant groups in Africa (2011)

Even if War in Syria came to an end, the cancer is just starting to spread at a much wider scale.